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And all services are having one common goal:

As our client we make it possible for you to concentrate completely on your core business while we take care of everything else concerning organised supply-chain and distribution in the background.

Currently the hub of sourcing is Asia with the main purchasing market of China which is still offering many different items in “one place” for the global sourcing business. Of course, there are also niche markets in other Asian countries (e.g. clothing from Thailand, natural furniture from Vietnam, Stainless Steel goods from India, etc.) – but China remains the great generalist. Many western companies have had very good, but also less good experiences when importing goods from China. Causes for this can be – depending on the situation – various things, such as culture, language, understanding, time difference as well as product and manufacturing.


We advise generally on the best ways for finding new products, the import of goods and for the procurement. Revert back on our years of experience in purchasing and procurement of products around the world.


We are certainly your qualified partner for the fields of product development and -sourcing with suppliers and our network. Should you decide for a production in Asia, our employees work locally with extensive experience your requirements targeted way in order.


We develop together with you a permanently reliable distribution strategy. A coordination on the goals of your marketing policy and the orientation involved is essential: You may e.g. put preferences on the image of your distribution channels or you want a high service level and availability in the core ?All that we achieve together.


Quality assurance is nowadays essential. In case of low quality supply is a complaint of your customer close to see – even worse would be product recalls, loss of sales based on a non-availability of products and maybe much more. Especially when the production is located in Asia, it can be particularly difficult and complaints can be temporally extremely protracted. To prevent this from happening, we generally observe the quality assurance at the production site – worldwide.


We all expect more and more when purchasing a product. But what makes the “more”? Here our service offerings come into play: we will help you to fulfil the basics which your customers generally expect and will also draw together with you the potential target and discretionary services.