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    Dog Safety Collar Neon

    Reflecting safety collar for dogs

    Colour: yellow

    Item no.Variation
    1330-SS-0,040 kg20 x 300--
    1331-MM-0,044 kg20 x 330--
    1332-LL-0,050 kg20 x 400--

    Pet Adress Tube

    Identification Tube chrome plated, including address note and hook for cats and dogs

    Colour: silver

    Item no.Variation
    1320-100,036 kg36--

    Carrying bag "Funtik Stern" S

    size: 240 x 430 x 240mm, material: Bologne, oxford, plastic, nylon, white tag with product description, packed in one polybag with sticker

    Item no.Variation
    3327036---240 x 430 x 240--